v Temperature Controlled Specimen Transporter - akuratemp CRT Kit - 24 Hour

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Experience Reliable Protection from Temperature Extremes

24 Hours Controlled Room Temperature Thermal Shipper Solution for Blood Specimens

The AkuraTemp™ ATS2 Thermal Specimen Shipper engineered for Controlled Room Temperature has a unique design that incorporates a secure payload area and a dedicated space for a temperature data logger.

The payload space is carved into PCM plates for efficient temperature control and specimen safety during storage and transportation.

The pack out procedure is simple and allows to keeps blood specimens between +15°C to +25°C for 24 hours without using ice or electricity.

The kit is efficient for overnight transport allowing for specimen integrity in case of any transit delays. It maintains the samples at safe temperatures regardless of power outages or missed courier pickups.

The CRT Specimen Transport Kit is ideal for applications in clinical trials and direct-to-lab deliveries. It fits into FedEx Clinical Pak and FedEx UN3373 Pak.

The CRT Specimen Transport kit is ideal for applications in clinical trials and diagnostic specimens requiring direct-to-lab deliveries.

  • 72 hours holdover time
  • Unique patented design, rugged & lightweight
  • Universal components for year-round use
  • Simple pack-out procedure
  • Condition and store at room temperature
  • Preserves the integrity of specimens during delayed deliveries and missed pick ups
  • Cost savings
  • Simplicity
  • High reliability
  • Green approach

AkuraTemp CRT Thermal Shipper white paper

Standard CRT Option ATS2-22PB5-24

Universal CRT Components 2 x PCM plates,
1 x akuraSense datalogger (optional),
1 x insulated foil envelope,
1 x insulated box
Payload capacity 4.75” X 3” X 1.5”
Max. payload: 4 vials of 10 ml
Duration 24 hours
Total Packaging Weight 4.1 lbs.
Outer Dimensions 12”x8.25”x4.25”

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Model Description
ATS1-22PB5-24 24 hr specimen transport kit with two PCM-HS22P plates 7x5; 12x16 foil insulated envelope fitted into a 8x4x12 box.
22PB5 Set of two PCM-HS22P plates 7”x5. Case of 12”x12”x12” with 12 sets
ATS2 0.5” - 12x16 foil insulated envelope with 8”x4”x12” box. Case of 20 each
akuraSENSE Temperature logger for BioMed applications. Operating range of -20C to +60C. Embedded NIST certificate. 15-month shelf life. 55 to 110 days recorded life