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Our Expertise

The team at RGEES has in-depth knowledge of Phase Change Materials, with specialization in Cold Chain refrigerants and Thermal shippers in the pharmaceutical, biosciences, and healthcare industries. We were awarded 1st place at the IQPC 2015 Cold Chain Global Forum for the “Best Cost Effective Project” in the category of thermal shippers.


We offer the perfect balance of cost vs. product quality. Our production capabilities, efficient warehousing, and agile transportation allow us to pass on cost savings to our customers.


  • Customization
  • Smaller lot order size capability
  • Convenient online ordering
  • Industry quality standards
  • Free consultations about Phase Change Materials
  • Product depth reducing need for multiple sourcing
  • Manufacturing with recyclable materials

Request an online quote, email info@rgees.com, or call (828) 708-7178.

Our History

We began as a group of like-minded professionals with various backgrounds sharing the same Mission: bringing cutting edge innovations and sustainable technologies into US market to improve people’s health and comfort.

In the beginning, our focus was solely on Phase Change Materials, but as the needs of our valued customers evolved, we evolved with them. Today we specialize in manufacturing of temperature controlling specimen shippers and PCM packs for our clients, many of whom are pharmaceutical and healthcare industry leaders. Our focus developed into providing highly reliable Cold Chain refrigerants and Thermal specimen shippers for the pharmaceutical, biosciences, and healthcare markets, particularly in Cold Chain temperature sensitive requirements.


Put trust in RGEES experience with packaging for market leaders to protect the integrity of your valuable temperature-sensitive products throughout the Cold Chain extremes.

Our clients come from the following industries:

  • pharmaceuticals
  • healthcare/medical
  • aerospace
  • bio-sciences
  • animal health
  • insulated packaging
  • agri-food logistics

As a recognized thought leader RGEES enjoys working with clientele offering the most efficient and economic Cold Chain solution that 100% satisfy every stringent requirement they might have.


RGEES is your reliable partner easily meeting stringent Cold Chain standards and regulations with innovative savENRG™ PCM packs and AkuraTemp™ thermal specimen shippers that will allow you to have the lighter, smaller and completely sustainable thermal passive packaging. Often, we work in the format “build-your-own-packaging” when you chose the insulated box, and we provide the refrigerants and free consultation.

Investor Information

Parties interested in investment should contact us via email: info@rgees.com.

RGEES is a privately held LLC, registered in the State of North Carolina.

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