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Retail freezers nationwide are equipped with two compressors each operating at -20°F or below to maintain ice cream below zero. During warm seasons, there is an increased cooling requirement which overloads the compressors causing one of them to fail.


RGEES, LLC offers a COLD BATTERY that provides thermal backup for retail freezers. The COLD BATTERY is comprised of savENRG™ -15F Freezer-Packs. These are eutectic plates filled with a phase change material that solidify and melt at -15F (-26C). A large amount of thermal energy is stored and released during phase change while the temperature remains stable between -15F to 0F. The quantity of savENRG™ -15F Freezer-Packs is determined on the BTU capacity of compressor.

The Freezer-Packs are charged to a solid state in a -20°F flash freezer for 24hr or more. Once fully charged, they are placed horizontally within the air circulation chamber under the ice cream pans. Freezer-Packs should be cleaned and recharged every 3 to 4 days or earlier.

With the addition of a Cold Battery to a freezer case, it will provide adequate thermal backup to maintain ice cream frozen even if one of the compressor fails. During normal operations, the load on compressors will reduce, which will result in significantly lesser noise, reduce cost of compressor maintenance and the risk of compressor failures.


  1. Economical & safe thermal backup
  2. Reduction in repair and maintenance costs
  3. Significant energy savings
  4. Increased sales due to minimal equipment failure
  5. Minimizes compressor loss
  6. Life: more than 5 years


They work amazing and are much better than buying dry ice all the time!” 
- Josh Christensen, Cold Stone Creamery & Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Logan, Utah

“The packs are extremely easy to handle and use, and when charged in the blast at -25 degrees they essentially act as dry ice that can be used over and over again. We have tested it by replacing and recharging each night along with leaving them only to charge twice per week when the GHEA is broken down and have found no difference between the two, so obviously we are operating by the latter. If anyone is interested in more information please have them to reach out.” 
- Chad Eads, President, Cooler South Enterprises, LLC.; 828.681.0388 (office); 828.215.6149 (mobile).

Locations where savENRG™ COLD BATTERY’s are in operation:

Cold Stone Creamery # 20132, Logan, Utah
Cold Stone Creamery # 20181, Scottsdale, AZ
Cold Stone Creamery # 21849, Baton Rouge, LA Cold Stone Creamery # 23126, Vernal, Utah
Cold Stone Creamery # 22157, Asheville, NC
Cold Stone Creamery # 22158, Asheville, NC
Cold Stone Creamery # 21511, Greenville, SC
Cold Stone Creamery # 20980, North Charleston, SC Cold Stone Creamery # 23000, Fort Stewart, GA
Cold Stone Creamery # 2267, Greensburg, PA
Cold Stone Creamery # 2339, High Point, NC

Ordering Instructions

Model DescriptionPurchase
CB-GHEA12RCOLD BATTERY FOR GHEA12R. 24 units of savENRG™ -15F Freezer-Packs; Hold-over capacity - 6650 BTU. Kit includes digital thermometer. Buy Now
-15F Pack savENRG™ -15F Freezer-Pack. 9.5”x9.5”x1.25” Hold-over capacity of 265BTU @ -15FBuy Now
+14F PacksavENRG™ +14F Freezer-Pack. 9.5”x9.5”x1.25” Hold-over capacity of 320BTU @ +14F Buy Now

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