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What makes AkuraTemp™ Thermal Specimen shipper different?

Best Cost Efficiency

In 2015 RGEES won the IQPC Best Cost Efficiency Award for the ideal balance of cost and performance in thermal shipper. In addition to cost efficiency AkuraTemp™ thermal shippers allow to ship larger loads in smaller shippers for longer durations, reducing bottom line – transportation costs. AkuraTemp™ thermal shippers are highly cost efficient with proven excellent performance.

High Reliability

Stringent temperature control requirements in the industry call for the reliable Cold Chain refrigerants and insulated shippers. AkuraTemp™ specimen shipper go above and beyond industry standards by offering tight temperature control within specified safe temperature limits.

We can assure you about integrity of every shipped payload without exceptions.

Simplicity and Green approach

Universal pack-out with a minimum number of components makes the pack-out process straightforward and intuitive, reducing the possibility of mistakes. The user-friendly and highly efficient, small size design of AkuraTemp™ specimen shippers allow reliable year-round protection of the specimens.

Utilization of green technologies allow us to reduce the impact on the environment. Components are not only reusable and highly efficient, but also reduce the user’s carbon footprint and significantly lower the cost of shipping.

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